The Canadian Athletic Development Academy (CADA) Post-Graduate Prep is a college-preparatory basketball academy. It is a unique, independent not-for-profit basketball program for motivated student-athletes who wish to advance their academic or basketball skill-sets for future enrollment in a college or university. Student-athletes spend 1 - 3 years between graduation and college (Post-Grad), strengthening their transcripts with either high school upgrading, prepare for ACT/SAT or complete part-time open studies college courses.

Some of our academically strong student-athletes only require CADA Prep for exposure to college coaches and work on their strength, speed, skills and basketball IQ. All CADA PREP student-athletes range in ages from 17 to 21, preparing to play at the college level. CADA Prep athletes are required to participate in our College Planning Seminar for the college admissions requirements in Canada/USA & understanding the college basketball recruitment process.

Our primary consideration for our CADA PREP athletes is for them to get noticed by colleges/universities, and for our athletes to be offered an opportunity to play basketball at the college level, and most importantly, for them to earn a college certificate, diploma or degree.